Edel Joyce Domingo — Treasure lyrics

Verse 1:

I don't know why this love just passed me by
I don't know how to carry this one maybe because this is my first time

A friend maybe but now it leveled up and he courted me
I've tried so hard just to find love for him.
But I just can't give the love that he's longing for


Maybe I'm not meant for you
And you are not meant for me too
I just can't love you more than friends
I hope our friendship never ends
Because I...


I treasure our moments together sharing laughter and dreams with one
Another, always counting on each other and I hope this will last forever

Hmmm... Hmm...

Verse 2:

On that day, I said "No" to you and it's okay.
Because you promised that you will stay,
Whatever answer that I will say

I'm suprised that even after that I see your smile
And seems like there is no chance at all, but I can feel that it hurts you


I'm happy that you didn't change
Hoping tomorrow will be the same
But I didn't even ask you to
Hide you feeling for a day
Because I...

(Repeat Chorus 2x)


Ohhh... But we're not meant together
Ohhh... So I'll just,
"TREASURE it forever."
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