Edge Of Sanity — Crimson II: Aftermath lyrics

And thus was read the incantationvoices echoed round and roundthe woman smiled in weak elationmesmerized inside the soundsand with these chants of higher loreso mortal flesh began to fadesoon child and mother were no moretheir earthly bodies now decayedcast me to the crimson flamesthou shalt bar the doors of hellincant these words of sacred ruleseal me in my crimson celland still inside the chamber standsa single cell with crimson hueresealed by spoken word of Manimbued with power from spiritual Truthtwo souls imprisoned for eternitylight and dark forever boundtwo souls that never can be freeda pathway back will not be foundfor trapped beyond some foolish reachand far away from prying eyesno channel now to lead or preachno chance to influence or guidethe final sacrifice she tookensured the hope of the human raceand thus she holds the sacred booka captive in her crimson spacelest bitterness and chaos be the harvest they wouldst reapfor she must never waken from this Crimson Sleep
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