Edge Of Sanity — The Last Song lyrics

Music & lyrics: Dan Swano
Dan Swano: Lead Vocals, All Guitars,
Upright Piano, Bass, E-Bow
Banny Larsson: Drums
Anders Mareby: Cello

An empty paper in front of me
And the pen that is supposed to be
The link between my thought and the written word

I always believed that I
Coould write about anything
But I am always wrong somehow

Wrong somehow
And I can't find a way
To release the poetry I hide
In the closed deep inside

And why do you hear these words
When I have nothing to say
I am only trying to complete this song

So you can see
See that I don't know
That I don't know the way to find these words
I'm given time
Time to find a rhyme
But all I do is write these empty lines
Though I wish that I could
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Songwriters: DAN ERLAND
The Last Song lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group