Edge Of Sanity — Waiting To Die lyrics

Born into this world like any other child,
The years went by and you were young and wild.
But deep inside your body there was a secret
That soon would be unveiled.
You don't know what's waiting for you,
It's something you won't believe is true.
A disease so hard to cure and you will suffer
Like never before!
Afraid of life--Because death is near!
Destined to die!--Time is your seer.
Chorus: waiting to die--No use to defy
Abandon your life--Truth cuts like A knife!
Walk across the burial ground where you will rest,
Disbelief in God--You will die unblessed.
Descry your future in the world below.
You will be welcomed when you decide to go!
Cross the bridge of sorrow and fear,
Say goodbye to those that you hold dear.
Life may have mercy but death has none.
Descend inte the netherworld, all time is gone.
You dream of life without the pain
But in the castle where your anguish reigns
There is black, there will be no light until
The hour comes when your body will ignite!
When you body will ignite!
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