Einstürzende Neubauten — Blume lyrics

Chrysantemum for you I am a chrysantemum
Supernova, urgent star

Astera compositae for you I'll be a dandelion
A thousand flowerettes in the sky
Or just a drop in the ocean

If you know my name
Don't speak it out
It holds a power - as before

Liliacea a lily of the valley
A flower of saron

Helianthus annus for you I even be a sunflower
Do you hear my enlightening laughter?
Another reason to cut off an ear

You know my name, do you not?
Don't say it
For it is sacred, immovable - frozen

Rosa, anemone et nymphea albaill even be a waterlily,
A marygold, a rose
Or a little thistle

Euphorbia a blue dahlia, a black tulip
That's where opinions differ
The scholars disagree

My name, should you know it
Remains unspeakable
And is spoken - malediction

[last line in libanese]
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