Electric Eel Shock — Speedy Joe lyrics

Hi! How are you doin' Ladies?
Gracious! I am Speedy Joe.
I have many presents for you.
It's my soul, my blood, my ~~~.

Could you take off your bra in exchange for all?

Get back my youth, 'cause I have no time.
Get in line.

*Get • forget (8 times)

I'll welcome s*** teenager.
Well, I am... I am thirty-six.
Where is a beautiful busty bomb?
I only want all the girls I know.

Dull pretty blue eyes, a sweet sugar voice,
It's just like a dream!
I love you all!

Are you ready? I'm coming soon.
I have no control.

*Get • forget (8 times)

She said "We are closed". So I'd try it tomorrow.
Everything gonna be Al right. Let's sing, sing a song!

Your my babe.
I'm finished.

*Get • forget (8 times)
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