Elegy — Force Majeure lyrics

[Van der Laars/Parry]

Known well and favoured
There's no limit to his charm
This illusive adversary, unforeseeable consequences

Absurd behaviour, a macabre like frame of mind
Living for the moment, not a care in the world

Excuses one and more... Proclamations he'll make
You must, beware... A hand and arm he'll take
... He'll disregard us all

Though in thee we trust
Lead us not to temptation
Help us one and all
In the company of a force majeure

Lead us, lead us not... Beyond the realms of our salvation
No sacrifice is more... Than following a force majeure

Each vow is broken, it's a total waste of life
An urge to lead us on, irresistible strange compulsions
Euphoric notions, superior in kind
So irresponsible, for the fun of it all
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