Elegy — Poisoned Hearts lyrics

The night that the eye of heaven shines
Down mountains of hope and joy we glide
The best wasn't good enough, all had to greed for more
Took our hand and our soul as well; dwell in the dark
Intrigued by a ghostly light divine
Engaged in our bodily delight
But we had to sail along, to where the story ends
Took the time, just to find that there ain't no way back
Who believes in reason, age of common sence
Poisened hearts of black and white
It's grey we are drowning in
While chocking in tiny bits of life
It's flashing in memories through our minds
Why we had to sing the song, we knew was wrong inside
Out of tune, there's no key to those who pray for you
All our dreams, we left them for...
Mysteries with velvet claws
All that seemed right to need,
It's gone
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