Elephant — Charging The Sum Of Ancestry lyrics

Primordial flagellation
Covered in shades of ritual dementia
Extending from molten lines
At the confluence of sperm and egg
All the cells who died
Fallen beneath the heart
Caverns of the wretch'd
Massacre, intelligence, massacre

Diminishing imperfections
Irony of self-coincidence
Immense skies in revision

Augmenting dominance
That devilry deemed insanity's spawn
And dawn bestows objectives

Thundertheist from below
Charging the sum of ancestry

The past is within, swallowed
I am every ancestor my mirror reflects
Extinction of exalted wrath's creation
Remodeling the force of victory
Might of betrayers bursts into feathers
With fires of primitive conversions
Echoes from the giver's current
I will remain as your guiding hand
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