Eliza And Martin Carthy — Queen Caraboo lyrics

Young Caraboo is come out of the West

In Frenchified tatters this young girl is dressed

One pair of stockings and jacket she'd none

She'd tramped half unshod and she tramped all alone

But just how to fool 'em this doxy well knew

You never heard of a gypsy like young Caraboo

For she stopped for no river, she stopped not for stone

She swam in the Avon where ford there was none

When that she alighted at Worral's front gate

The Dame and the Doctor received her in state

And no longer a gypsy, the club of Bas-bleu

To a Princess converted the young Caraboo

To all of their questions she answer denied

So hard did she struggle her laughter to hide

Saying, "Since that they give me these titles to fine

I'll hush up, I'll eat curry, drink none of their wine

For with this imposition I've nothing to do

These are ready made fools", said the young Caraboo

She looked down at a pigeon, she took it right up

Caraboo had a fancy on pigeon to sup

She looked down, she giggled, she looked up so sly

With the bird in her hand and a pan in her eye

She dressed it, she ate it, she called it Rampoo

"This proves it," cries the Doctor, "she's Queen Caraboo"
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