Elysium — Death Dealer lyrics

I am a death dealer

We Are Degeneration
The bastard Breed
Arrogant Race
Brutal & Vulgar Elite
Suck You Dry With No Remorse

Loaded With Crack & Booze
Love To See You Crawlin'
This Damage We Enjoy
Blood Hunger - Evil Dream Team

Servin' Your Serpent Idols
Sick Inteligence Syndrome
In Fear You Now Corrode
Facin' Our Victims Cold

Aggressive & Intensive
Misanthropic Commando
We Re-locate In Silence
Our Souls - Wicked & Blind

We're Gonna Kick Your ass
Your Death Is Now For Rent
Put Under The Gun
Welcome to the Lucky Losers' Club

Join The Electric Hellfire Crew
We Are The Death Brigade

We Are The Undivine
Eradicate The Future
Our Work Has To Be Done
The Vicious & Ungrateful

Invisible & Cruel
On A Highway Leadin' Straight To Hell
Too Scarred To Face Us Now
Taste The End On Your Knees
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