Elysium — Feedback lyrics

Transform every common moment
In gem that's worth living for
Intensify impressions
Dive in a dual world

Claim only highest standards
Discover shapes
Save quiet prayer
Sing softly lullaby

She's the air I breathe
The perfect drug

Midsummer icy dusk
Still noises overwhelm
Lifeless, lovelorn and numb

Haunt spectres from cold past
How did it come to this
Would you tell me that it's gone

Will you watch all over me
In those creeping hours' fall
Like supernova flash

Exploding daily star
An inscrutable force
She-wolf awakes

Comforter & best friend
Always there - no anger drawn
Just some things that I yearn for
Colour of sundown has changed
Since that day - everything's new

She's the air I breathe
Coaxial reference system

For I have nothing to fear
Addicted to precious sweetheart

What we give is what we get
It means together as one
Well, time is on our side
We're hiding the angels now

Angels of warmth in the light
We are the lucky ones
Nothing remains the same
Sleepwalkers' companion

Promises made to keep
No words we need to tell
Crystal decades of trust
A story never ends
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