En Vogue — Luv Lines lyrics

I never thought I'd be the one to find a guy
Who gives his love to everyone
Give promises he never keeps
He broke my heart
And scattered all my hopes and dreams
Now I'm so confused
Don't know what I should do
Looking for some sound advice
Can't take another sleepless night
All reasoning gone
Still I've got to be strong
This is why I'm calling you
What would be the thing to do
Call up love lines
And solve love crimes
Call up love lines
And solve love crimes
I always thought true love should be
Full of trust respects and honesty
How could a man just walk away
And never a second thought
About the heart he breaks
Watch out what you do
This may happen to you
He can charm you with his eyes
Best believe he's full of lies
He'll take control of your mind and your soul
This is why I'm warning you
So you'll know I'm warning you
So you'll know just what to do
Chorus x4
I'm calling up to ask your point of view
So be straight with me
I feel that I can depend on you
I know I'm not the first to call your line
Many more of you are victims to this passion crime
Chorus x4
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Songwriters: Herron, Cindy / Robinson, Dawn Sherrice / Jones, Maxine / Ellis, Terry / Foster, Denzil / Mcelroy, Thomas Derrick
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