En Vogue — This Is Your Life lyrics

I lived part of my life
Being scared of my dreams
Everytime someone asks
What I'm shooting for in life
I would hide my true feelings

And when I spoke up to my friends
They made fun of my dreams
So when times got too rough
I would think back on one thing
My mama would say to me

Chorus: this is your life, live it your own way

Forces of evil struck back and forth
Throughout my younger days,
Because I would listen
And care what other people would say

Like a four letter word
I ignored the whole world
And built my own tiny world with respect

But it took time to relate
What my momma would say time after time again, she said:

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Songwriters: Foster, Denzil / Collins, William Bootsy / Mcelroy, Thomas Derrick / Worrell, Bernard / Clinton, George S
This Is Your Life lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, A SIDE MUSIC LLC