En Vogue — Waitin' On You lyrics

It's ten o' clock and I'm still alone, waitin'
By the phone, it makes me think you won't
Be back again, and I'm feeling so intense.
(backs: got me waitin', got me waitin'.)

I can't keep wastin' my time, waitin' on you
To come home, to come home now.

I fantasize of makin' love, it's such a lonely
Feeling without you, but I would not have
To dream, if you would just be there to
Share my love desire.

I should not be alone, just waitin' for a
Man who says he loves me so. I have more
Patience than I can believe. It's a shame, I
Can't believe I'm still alone

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Songwriters: Foster, Denzil / Mcelroy, Thomas Derrick
Waitin' On You lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC