Enslaved — Gylfaginning lyrics

Lyrics: Grutle Kjellson 1994
He wandered on fine old paths
He wandered alone high ridges
He wandered towards the heart of
He wandered until he saw a mountain
Over a bridge wet with drew he walked
Through the golden gate of Asgard
He saw the vigorous gardens of gods
Crowned around the Father of All's High
"O'Father of All, I Ganglere ask:
How have we all come to existence and
Where do we end?
Answer, O'High, even High and Third
Is mankind and the Race of Gods faith? "
Gylfaginning, deception for he who was
Wrongly taught, but
Not for the one who knows
Gylfaginning, Grimnes' revelation.
Music: Ivar Bjørnson 1994
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