Eso-charis — Processed Bodies lyrics

What I crave, set forth I'll pray.
I've been saved and raising God's standards, recieve.
Testing faith cast up my legs.
Stand up and praise.
You must be strong.
There is no compromise.
Decisions made don't come from circumstance.
We better fight back for Jesus.
Dead flame you don't have to change yourself.
He changes you.
Unite in Christ.
To give up your selfish ways.
To give up your prideful ways.
To give up these worldly ways.
Be only what you'vebecome, do only what you've sunken.
Bodies processed.
Time has come to stop telling man who mn thinks he is
And tell them who he realy is, Jesus.
Stand in, ignite, you're salt, he's light.
I hate satan and all his lies.
It's more than just life.
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