Evan Taubenfeld — Razorblade Limade lyrics

Verse 1
I took my own advice
I put it over ice
I never seem to listen when you pour
I didn't treat you right
So now I'm thinking twice
You look so pretty walking out the door

Pre Chorus
You can be the captain, I can be the ship
You can be the razor blade careful you won't slip

Everytime I see you smile
Girl you make me wanna change
I'll try for you, I'll try for you
Tell me how to get you back
You got me going six feet under
Ground to prove, I'd die for you

Verse 2
I know I've made mistakes
But let me make it straight
I'm sure it's gonna take more than a rose
It hit me like a quake, I know I've been a flake
But I ain't gonna let this case be closed

Pre Chorus 2
You can be the lime, and I can be the twist
You can be the razor blade, running down my wrist


I wanna kill the past, I wanna make it last,
Or maybe I should get it over fast
Or I could stick around to get you back
Again again
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