Even Rude — Gravity lyrics

His hands are sweating, his friends divide
The phone is ringing, but he's too deaf from the fight
He went from victim to victor with a stroke of his hand
And he was spitting on his GOD when he took a stand.
You can't bring him down cause he's down on himself
He sunk his heart in revenge, and played the hand that he dealt
He took a page from the book of his dear old dad
And remembered the words, "boy be a man."

Has anybody seen my faith around
I'm sorta desperate to be down.
Has anybody seen by faith around
I'm sorta desperate to be down.

It's dark days on planet earth,
Runnin after answers, missing the truth
Everyone so mad, why does everyone yell
And now he feels so stupid he can't ask for help.
Closing the door to his parents room, he spoke
Back into the blue light, I'll see you soon.
But when you seen no one, that's where I should be.
When you hear nothing, your listening to me


I won't say good bye
I will just be gone

Could this really be, could this happen to me
One of these kids is doing his own thing
One of these kids just pulled my name
One of these kids has no shame in his game and
He gonna take me away!
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