Evthanazia — To Lose The Mind lyrics

To lose the mind at full-moon night
To set one's home on deansing fire
Down with everything made you go mad
Let you shoot kight between your eyes
To lose the mind is way in tears
Derastated world of stupid dreams
Praise of moon your soul is ill
Praise of moon your fate to kill
To lose the mind is end of luck
Their fate is led their fate is dark
To lose the mind there she decides
Gory destiny she rules your life
To lose the mind is all you need
Destroy the love for moon you need
To set one's home on cleansing fire
There is a dark for you to nide
To lose the mind soul's in a tarp
The power of moon and no escape
A drug in a blood and you feel the end
Between your eyes you send the led.
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