Exhumator — Necronomicon lyrics

Summoning shinned from the light
Unholy ones feasting the beast
Defiled words for seeking truth
From blood were said-Spelled be

Incarnation of sinisterous form
Wanting behold god unforgiven world

Book of the dead
Bounded with skin of flesh
Time is possessed
Unheard is heard-Confess
Lord desecrate
Opens my eyes for hell
Spawns of unhearth
Haunting the mind castle

Demons awake feeding the dead
The meaning of inaudible cries
Unholy death-Your belief is destructed
Evil ghosts come from beyond

Godless images instil in my mind
Existence is deceased creations from darkside
Bleeding for immortal die in pentagram
Effigy of nazarene burning in my head

Join us evil spells
Demons disppearance
Sadistic cursed to hell
It's not real I'm dead
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