Exit By Name — Class One lyrics

Testing, who I am, wasting what I planned
They corporate my ideas, to fellate all my peers
My reasons are 1
My keepsakes are none
Class 1.
We've loved the, the time we've done
Class 1.
We've lived a life that's gone

Listless, every one. A fist with, skin undone
Its tragic I'd even hurt, worse that my tears jerked
Reasons: 1
Keepsakes: 0

Class 1.

Don't talk of good memories, don't mention me weakly
I'm sorry you're helpless and I'm sorry that it's selfish

Class 1.

Local boy, made it good, made a patch of ground and stood
They corperated his ideas, to fellate all of his peers
His reasons we're fuckin one, his keepsakes we're fuckin none
His reasons we're fuckin one
And they're cheapskates...
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