Exodus — Parasite lyrics

A distant hum
Cuts right through the skies
Calling my attention I look up
I can't believe my eyes
Thousands and thousands
Hungry for our minds
They're biting, eating and controlling
Anything they find
Coming down from behind
They've got no care for our kind
See the world bending down
On it's knees
Run-but you can't hide
Blood-coming from inside
My mind-doesn't know wrong from right
A million more
Coming after me
They thrive on insecticide
They live on ddt
No poison can defeat
The never ending swarm
They'll eat you from insdie out
You'll wish you were never born
(repeat sub-chorus)
Run-but you can't hide
Blood-sucked from inside
My mind-doesn't know wrong from right
Harmony lead- Gary
Solo- Gary
Solo- Rick
Now they're living in my brain
I'm destroying at their cue
A violent reaction starts within
And now I'm after you!
I'll grab you by your head
And split your skull open wide
The infestation in complete
You're dead but yet alive!
Repeat sub-chorus
(repeat chorus)
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Songwriters: FREHLEY, PAUL
Parasite lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, O/B/O APRA AMCOS