Figurine — So Futuristic lyrics

It wasn't your perfume
No i don't think i sensed it
It wasn't your wristwatch
And it's oversized digits
It wasn't your handbag
Though i don't think you hid it
Titanium lipstick
Maybe that did it
Cause all i remember
You seemed futuristic
That's all i remember
So futuristic
So futuristic

It wasn't your posture
I think you seemed timid
It wasn't your sneakers
They never quite fit it
It wasn't your car
Or the speed that you drive it
It wasn't your haircut
Or they way that you styled it
Still all i remember
You seemed furutistic
You'd stolen my heart
So futuristic
And now we're together
Just how i wished it
Together forever
So futuristic
So futuristic
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Songwriters: DAVID RUDOLPH
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