Figurine — Time (His Mix) lyrics

Hasn`t it only been a day
Since you begin to pack your things
Has it only been a week
Since you told me you are to leave
And has it only been a month
Since I asked you what was wrong
Has it only been a year
Since I told you first my dear

So little time to say I love you
So little time to say Good-bye
And I hope that you will be faithful
Or at least I hope you`ll try
`Cause I don`t know how long I can be along
The song goes on and on when you`re not home

It`s been the longest year
Since you left me here
This month goes on and on
Since you told me you were wrong
And these weeks`ve been so slow
Since you said that you`d come home
Now I only have a day to wait
To kiss when you step off the plain

No I don`t mind if time goes fast or slow
Or take off the clocks of the walls when we get home…
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