First To Know — Open lyrics

When You answered the telephone. My Heart Exploded.
I asked a simple question. The reasons expanding.
You have your meanings. I'm sorry for mentioning.
I gotta admit. You have my attention.
I'm breathing you in. Don't Mind Me Saying.

Open! Open! Let Me In! Let Me In!
It's Hard To Breathe Without You Here With Me.
Open! Open! I'll Let You In! Let You In!
Your Already On Your Knees.
Breathe me in. I'll Breathe You Out.
I wont let you go tonight.

I got you on my mind. When You Asked the certain question.
Marry Me Baby.
I said yes, temporary.
I Promise Not To Be Your Little Mess.
The Best Bride From The East and West.
Tonight's the night we're gonna make it last.
Not Gonna Let You outta my site.
No Not That Fast.


When I answered the telephone.
You say your heart exploded.
When I heard that four letter word.
My Heart Expanded.
We have our moments.
This one is serious.
You just had to admit.
The Night We Met was never true.
I'm tied up so hard in a knot.
I Guess This Is How We Say Good-Bye.
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