Fitzgerald Patrik — Solve lyrics

I say life is pointless,
Worthless, and meaningless,
You say 'well.. Try suicide',
I say no, because I know
The reasons why I find life so;
I'm only one tiny piece
In this enormous mess...
There's no reason
Why I should die
If I can only find some hope
If I can only find some answers
That's my idea of national service.
Listen to all the pop songs..
Music's just a luxury item
And you'll all pay
To have yourselves condemned,
Condemned to tread the same old paths,
Unfair affairs, and broken hearts,
Read cosmopolitian, and consume;
'why won't he buy me the moon? '
I won't cry, if you go away,
I'll still have myself, anyway,
I can exist quite alone,
I have problems of my own to solve,
Solve, solve...
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