Five Fingers Of Funk — Comin' Out The Cellar lyrics

One two let me tell you we're comin' out the cellar
(repeated endlessly)
So get me on the mic I'll be the I'll funk fella
Here comes the fingers on the I'll funk flow
Pete freaks the beat just so everybody knows
I'm coming correct and cathing wreck just like a drunk driver
'Cause ain't nobody liver than the Mr. Mad Miser
With the Fingers I'll bring you something new to scoop up
From ballers to the poop-butts we never need to loop up
Old funk grooves 'cause we'll move you with the live shit
So peace to the crew one two you don't quit
Oh shit we keep it going on the Fingers never going wrong
Rhymes dripping off the lip it's like I'm singing the lemon song
Pete out the cellar got to drop the bomb
'Cause I'll be getting funky like your mom's under arms
Repeat chorus a bunch, listen to Mac
Then repeat chorus again
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