F.K.Ü. — Mosh Under Pressure lyrics

You stand alone watching your friends
Moshing it out in the pit
You want to move but you're too afraid
Scared to get squashed underneath
Your blood is boiling and you wanna jump in
To let it loose, but you can't
Everybody is staring at you
The pressure is growing stronger

Mosh! Under pressure!
Mosh! Under pressure
Mosh! Under pressure!
Mosh! Under pressure

You're thinking about jumping in
But something is holding you back
Your head starts to bang and there's no turning back
You're gonna jump in against your will
Suddenly someone pushes you
Into the middle of the pit
You start to panic and your body freezes
But there's nothing you can do

[Chorus x2]

You're slammin' and you're divin'
And you're dancin' and you're thrasin'
And you're bashin' your way through the pit
There is nothing you can do but Mosh Under Pressure

There is nothing you can do so follow the crew
So you...

[Chorus x2]

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