Flaw — Scheme lyrics

It woke up in my years ago
How this was meant to be
All of those falsehoods plain to see
They dug and hung their greed
Will there be profit you could see
If only we were blind onely and sheltered
Your life is free but it's still one step behind.

Just like me, they tried their rule on me
They tried their rules on me, me, me
I broke those chains and fucking split
And so you, and so you, and so you, and so you
Pass all the fascist asses,
Ignore those classes of bottleneck masses
Producing an all but awful stench,
Delivering a section of all the money stole and spent
As you start to recognize you're in the game (2X)

Growing afflictions head to toe
This never should have been
But placing blame is cowardly
Restructure must begin
Will there be profit you could see
If only we were blind, lonely, sheltered
You life is free
But it's still one step behind


Yes and the playing board is you....
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