Forevermore — Harbor Lights lyrics

I knew that something was so interesting
I think it's so wonderful
The world is on your side of the game
We haven't lived for far too long

They were lost and stayed for your sake
We're gonna send him to find your soul
Can you find what the directions tell me?
We're just far from the get away

When I'm starting to wait for something completely different
So you wanna to break free
Sometimes it's not your war, my son
It's not your war

Help me to take myself to safety
I need to find my way
We're just waking-up
Something got him so upset

You're so loud
We just wait up
While I'm on my way
I got the way that you're thinkin'

Take me walking on your...
The rags are my vision, in the palm of your hand
What is now is your past
Don't crave to get your lives

Because I want to reach fire
Because the world is ours
I want to reach fire
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