Forgotten Tomb — Obscura Arcana Mortis lyrics

On the path to darkness, the darkness of these nights

Through the fog we' re dressed with our black robes

Silence... The wolves will lead us

Towards the place of nightmares...

A deserted house stands beyond the ancient cemetary

We coven inside the dark place

The pale walls of the crypt

Now are lightened by black candles...

The medium begun the invocation...

"Invoco animas veterum mortuorum

In nomine dilapsorum nobis ostendete verum

Volumus ex novo vivere fines vestram.

Animae mortuorum audite hanc revocationen,

Dicete nobis de tenebris que post mortem sunt

Nobis revelate horridum abyssum mortis... "

We want to know

Lugubrious moans come from the near cemetary

Your cryptic voices whisper

With the stenching breath of Death...

"Redite per clathros vita e post mortem."

Tonight the sky is darker than ever,

As tormented souls tell the occult secrets...

Obscura arcana mortis

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