Forgotten Tomb — Scars lyrics

Remembrances - Once more I'm there
Living in the past
Faded pictures of yesterday
My best and worst memories
Will be forever here

Another night - Bleak fading lights
I'm growing old with them

Burning grief consumates me
I'm falling to dust

Another day - Is turning grey
Tonight I burn my pictures

When I come home
From these useless days
And I dream of past joys
Then I fall again into loneliness
And my blood streams in remembrance

When I cry into darkness
And my scars release blood
Sometimes you would have wantes to die
To let me the last good memories of you

A desert inside
Cold blue dust is falling on my eyes
I'm flying away
Dreaming of those bittersw!
Eet days

Now I watch these opened wounds
For every cut I bur
N another fear
Both we were painful scars,
Drops of blood falling in an endless sea of sadness.
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