Frankenbok — Success Is Revenge lyrics

This cardboard box host the greatest hits
Of my rejection - spontaneity amongst my cracks
And my imperfections - I meant them all
Well I guess that I thought I did
And I'd take it all back if I only knew where to begin
It's coming around it is coming back again
So now what is my damage to inflect upon them
All haste all tactics you're flawed if not plastic
Success is revenge and I'll show you what some haste did

Success is revenge with success I avenge
And I recommend you churn some
Achieve with haste

You want to open me up so you can shit in me again
You'll never open me up you'll never fuck with me again
The noun projective is the people's cure
Who oneself is and how one deals with it
Cannot always be justified
Someone beaten right is beaten by me
Praise for mention
I move on, passing it on
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