Frankie Ballard — A Buncha Girls lyrics

A Buncha Girls sitting on the deck, drinking fishbowl margaritas
A buncha girls down in Cancun, yeah some seven day senioritas
A buncha girls packed in a jeep, heading to the beach for the weekend
A buncha girls rockin out in Vegas, ain't got no time for sleepin

A buncha girls lookin for a good time
Breakin hearts, turnin heads and lookin so fine
Nothin drives the boys right out of their mind
Like a buncha girls

They got high-dollar jeans, belly button rings, Pretty pink painted-up toes
They'll drink your drinks, make you think, you're their right now romeo
They say sha-la-la and hey-hey-hey with the band and party all night long
Laugh about it in the mornin, lookin at all the pictures and blame it on alcohol

Instrumental break

(Repeat chorus)

A buncha girls gettin buck wild.
Rulin the world with a s*** smile
I'd walk a country mile, yes I would
For a buncha girls,
For a buncha hot girls
Ha-ha, yeah, yeah, babe

Yeah, yeah

Instrumental fade out
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Songwriters: Davidson, Dallas / Akins, Rhett / Hayslip, Ben / Ballard, Frankie
A Buncha Girls lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.