Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects — Sensorium Dei lyrics

... Dibbacakkhu-pannacakkhu-samanta-cakkhu-buddhacakkhu-dhamma-cakkhu
[transl. Pali. 'the most excellent divine eye. Eye of knowledge. All-seeing eye. Budding eye. Dhamma-eye']

God's eye point of view. Neither to be born nor to perish. Negation of
Substance. Impermanence of being. Everlasting becoming. Unconditional mind.
Expressing absolute revelation of truth. Manifested beyond the
Trans-substantial >>i<<. All being and nonebeing. Neither mind nor buddha.
In an all-embracing immanent end-in-itself. Paradoxes are unveiled.
Contradictions collapses. Where boundaries failed. Plunging into the vortex
Of darkness divine. Entering the void where all things intertwine. This is
The existence of the non-existence of duality expressing the radiance of
Ultimate reality.
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