Frida Snell — Fallen Leaves lyrics

I sat down in the kitchen the other day
Looking out the window on the morning rain
Wondering, trying to figure out the answer to
Why things and stuff don't go the way I want them to
And though I'd give my heart and soul to make it good
Somehow I just don't seem to do the things I should
Like a fallen leaf dancing in the wind
I keep on drifting, whirling through my life
Like a raindrop just fallen from the sky
Gives a moment of beauty before it dries
So I saw the leaves were flying in the wind
And the raindrops falling to the ground were shimmering
And suddenly I saw it all so very clear
My aim in life is really nothing more than theirs
To dance and fly a little while and not to wait
To shine the beauty of my soul before it's late
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