Fundisha — Intro lyrics

Compare me not for who I am
Is what I feel and
What I feel is who I am
For each note, each word is my own expression
Is what I am feeling which is inspired by God
No-one can possibly feel what I feel for
There is only one me
And mean in such a way that I'm stand alone
I live for creativity and song
That's why I was created to express myself
To you to her to him and let you know how real it is
It's so real that my music must make a difference
Change hearts, ___ wounds bring forth light
Awake the dead, despite the bad relationships
Misunderstood woman, man or child
It all comes down to this
The god that lives in me lives in you
And I must let my light shine so yours can also
It's time it's way overdue
Hear me, feel me
Hear him, feel him
Open up your years and listen (open up your ears and listen)
Open up your heart feel
Don't turn away, don't run you
Can't a for he's too real, he's too real

Beat plays......
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