Future — Finessin lyrics

[Intro: Future]
One thing about me, I know how to get out the mud n***a
Fly s**t on
Rags to riches
I ain't lookin' back
Yeah, F. B. G.
We global now n***a
Payin' dues

[Hook: Future]
Finessin', Finessin', Finessin', Finessin', Finessin',
Finessin', we came up from nothin'
Finessin', Finessin', Finessin', Finessin', Finessin',
Finessin', we went from rags to riches

[Verse 1: Future]
Whippin' up that Frank Lucas
Cookin' up that Young Poochie
Beamer cool with a clear view
Got 'Rari with the clear view
Trapped out I'm on cnn
Space shuttle I done went to Mars
Call this b***h who can taste the d**k
Got a gutter b***h gonna take a charge
Went to Paris on a weekday
And I'm comin' back in a couple months
Everyday I wake up
I'm drinkin' lean, I'm smokin' blunts
Dropped out of my high school
Then I went and copped me a drop top
Got residue on my dreadlocks
My whole style unorthodox
Tradin' in my hand scale
Started sellin', them big bells
30 bricks by 30 bricks
I could sell a n***a some oatmeal
Sell a n***a some horse feed
Cashin' out for a hundred pounds
Sell a n***a some A-1
I'll cook it up for you right now


[Verse 2: Future]
Credit card my swipe game
I strike off like lightning
F**k with me, my lick game
... Excite me
I'm takin' off like mj
My check game like Nike
Anytime I get that cash
That cash make me hyphy
I'm jumpin' off my products
Stackin' up my dollars
I stay chasin that guala
Ain't no turnin' up my collar
Represent my city
N***a want game gotta pay pesos
That pink inside my Styrofoam
Got yellow bones on my iPhone
Runnin' up like a treadmill
Conversation gotta pay field...
Everything I wear n***a
Is Farrago in public
High top Margiela's
Thousand dollars for a sweater
Money talk no pressure
Everything disrespectful

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