Gadjits — B.C. lyrics

I remember a time way back in late December
When I noticed all I wanted was you.
It's been far too long now baby
I'm serving time thinkin' bout the things we used to do.
In the midst of it all
I gotta say I'm feeling faded
In the morning I won't feel the same.
If you can hear me Mrs. Robinson
Please don't pre-judge a single one
Before you even learn my last name.

Is it a terrible thing?
Yeah, the thing I bring
Every time I walk into the room.
Fitted Levi's and boots or three-button suits
And rebel music that comes from the Sixties.

There's a girl right now and she's lying in bed,
Wishin' that she wasn't at home.
Daddy think that I'm bad and Mom's sure glad
That I won't be callin' her when she gets home.

My friends say, "Zach it's gonna be alright,
There's no need to get all upset. "
But my baby's in her room all afternoon
And her parents won't get off of her back.
There's a little kid in me
That doesn't want to be
Another broken-hearted day.
Sometimes you can choose,
But, kid, you're gonna lose.
And I've been losin' all week.

P. S.
That's what I say at night
When I call you on the telephone
Ask if you had a good time.
Sometimes you say no, but baby?
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