Gadjits — Thinkin' 'Bout You lyrics

Lately in my life baby
I have not thought too much
So I begin today cause I love you so much
I couldn't hang on
Waiting for the end to come
So be my baby forever and be my number one

I'm thinkin' about you
Are things gonna change between me and you?
If this is true I don't know what I will do
'Cause I can't stand the thought of not loving you.

Girl, let me tell you I don't want to scare you away
You know I can promise I'll come back and nothing will change
I need to know if you're in for the long haul
'Cause I don't wanna come home to nothing at all

And when I see you looking at me
I know that this world is as good as it can be
You know that I think about you constantly
And when the day is all done and over
You know I'm wishin' that you would come over
Because I'm missing the time that we spent before
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