Gamma Ray — Pray lyrics

So here we stand again
Like dust on Mother Earth
And we hide our faces in our dreams
Only emptiness where angels flew - high on golden wings
And the voice of God has vanished now - lost inside our dreams
But the only way to go is heaven
All we can do is pray
In the darkness we stand with the world in our hands
And we pray
For a better tomorrow
We wait
Far beyond the horizon
There's a sound in the sky
The voice of glory I hear a silent cry
When the heroes of yesterday are gone
All we can do is pray
In the darkness we hide and we wait for the light
And we pray
Oh we pray
Let us pray
Solo: Kai
I've seen the darkside of the moon in my dreams
Now I know it ain't a place to live for us all
All our God's creation is dead and gone
Now we stand like children all alone forever
All we can do is pray
Forever and forever and forever more
For a better tomorrow - we wait
There's a light in the dark
All it's shining so bright on our way
Still there is hope on our way
And we pray
Oh, pray
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