Gary Stewart — Little Junior lyrics

My daddy wore a Stetson, and a hundred dollar suit,
Developed a cravin' for the black man's blues.
At Five Card Stud he knew his way 'round the tables,
"Lay it down boys, I'll take it home to the baby,

Little Junior, a gypsy child, I’m only goin’ thru’ once,
And I'm going thru’ in style.

Well like my daddy, I've been around too,
And as far as cravings, I've got quite a few.
Long-legged women, diamonds and cars,
Old age whiskey, and all night bars.
Boogie-woogie, and some real good smoke,
Sittin' ‘round waitin' for another toke.
I like my lovin' in a losin’ town,
You can bet your dollar she’ll be comin' around to

Little Junior, a gypsy child. I’m only goin’ thru once,
And I'm going thru’ in style.


Raised by a mother, so I'm a mother myself,
And I've been known to raise some hell.
I ain’t allowed on the other side of town,
Strange things happen they say when I'm around.
All mamas and papas, you better be on guard,
And keep your little girl in the yard.
I end up in jail, every Saturday night,
Well, I'm out on bail ‘fore the boogie she strikes,

Little Junior, a gypsy child... I’m only goin’ thru’ once,
And I'm goin’ thru’ in style... [JAM OUT]
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