Gavin Friday — Rags To Riches lyrics

From rags to riches and back again. I throw my pearls at you swine. Kiss and tell, kiss and tell. I do that all the time. "I'm a man in a million... Ya! Ya! Ya! Yo! Very pleased to meet me?
Tell you what to do! Put some money in my pocket, your hand on my heart. And i'll hold my head up high! " here she comes now... My queen of desire... Tip my hat to this oooh indulgence. Come
Aby! Keep me warm! Come're baby! Keep me warm! "sad are my dreams but sweet are the tears.
Tears of true love. Tears of regret. So... We all must cry! We all must cry! " "the world's forgiven! The world's forgot! The world's just singin' 'ba da bop bop bow! ' no! The world won
Sten 'cause the world don't know that... 'that's life baby, ba da bop bop bow! ' 'that's life baby! Ba da bop bop bow. That's life' " my heart is broken, little pieces all over the floor.
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