Gehennah — Tough Guys Don't Look Good lyrics

You feel your hair with hair-mousse, you fill it with
We'll crush your face with crowbar, that's what we're
Gonna do

You exercise and run, you wanna be in shape
But when you're outside jogging your girlfriend we will

Tough guys don't look good

We're long-haired and we're dirty, we're ungly and we're
But if you're in our way we're gonna give you hell

Tooth brush is unknowned to us, the dentist cry in fear

And instead of doing exercise we drink a lot of beer

Tough guys don't look good

We drink whiskey like water, we're drinking wine and
And if you wanna fight us you're gonna fuckin' lose

So if you not one of us, you're our enemy
You'll wake up in a hospital, that's where you're gonna

Tough guys don't look good
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