Ginuwine — I'm Crying Out lyrics

believe you're gone) (Can't
believe you're gone) Chorus

did I do the deserve this pain I'm,
crying out I'm
so alone without you here What's
this about (Repeat)?

*Verse I*
can't go on I,
need you here right next to me My
life ain't complete I'm,
dying inside I feel so weak I'm
puring out my heart to you Feel
my pain it hurts so deep There's
no need to go ahead My
life is gone I'd, rather be dead Chorus


*Verse I'm*
still amazed Despite
everything I still have love What's
keep the feelings deep within in me I
thought they'd be easy to get rid of There's
no one I'm wanting more You're
the reason why I love yeah, I'd
give anything just to have you girl 'cause
you make you whole you, are my world Chorus


believe you're gone Are
you coming back Tell?
me what I've done But
I love you so (Repeat)...

did I do to deserve this pain I'm, crying out Timbaland....

baby got my man cryin out That's?....Not
a nice thing to do You...know he, loves you But. You
know what I?, love you too Don't. hurt him baby Ginuwine.

this about Chorus?

*till fade
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