Glass Tiger — My Town lyrics

Bring the wind to carry me over
Lead me home to my town
Tell me when that breeze is blowing
Taking me home to my town
When I think of you Scotia
There's a love that just bleeds in my heart
In my childhood days
We went our different ways
But you knew that we'd never part
Now I'm all alone
And you're calling me home
You knew our love could never die
And though my roving eyes always led me astray
Now I'm coming back home
Scotia don't walk away
So when I think of you Scotia
There's a magic that fills the air
We're the "Downtown Boys"
Making all that noise
Oh! We lived like we just don't care
So we drank our fill
For king and country
Yeah! Till the last soldier fell!
Burlington Bertie
You're in my heart forever
I want to drown in the stories you tell
You made me all
I can ever be
If I should fall
Your love will
Rescue me
Chorus(fade out)
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