God Lives Underwater — Nothing lyrics

Sitting here thinking about what
What everything means to me
Do I want it all
Can I take it all
Sitting here thinking about you
Do I need this jealousy
What do you mean to me
What do you really mean to me.
I know what you're feeling
Here I am again
I'll regret what I've been to you
And there's nothing I can do
Sitting here thinking about why
I sometimes scare myself
I'm so high above
I rose so high above
Sitting here thinking about how
You want me on the ground
You can't bring me down
I'm never ever comeing down.
Sitting here Thinking about how
How I'm giving in
I should be giving up
I should have given up
Sitting here thinking about why
I'm jumping in again
More than a friend
More towards the end again
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