Gone In Smoke — Diary Of A Fried Mind lyrics


Wake up everyday to the same old shit
I gotta crush another pill so that I can sniff
I gotta roll another blunt so that I can hit
And than I lie to myself tellin me I'm gon' quit
But than I already know that I aint legit
Because I'm already thinkin about the next one to get
And than I really do wish I never felt like this
But than this life that I've lived left me felt like shit
So now I really do wish that I can quit
Because I really do think I've had enough of it
So sometimes I wanna go and split
I wanna split and slit my wrist
But now what about now what if God don't forgive
Or now what about now what if I don't wanna live
Or what about now what if I done got too fucked up, fucked up went and
Killed my fuckin innocence


So come and kiss me good-bye, now come and kiss me good-bye (good-bye)
And I might die tonight (X2)
And I might get too high, and I might get too high and I,
And I might die tonight (X2)
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