Good Clean Fun — Loserdotcom lyrics

U spend your days and nights online
Your website makes U proud
But if U had a single friend at all they would be LOL
Well it seems I may have crossed the line
I've gone and made U pissed
Now UR going to take me off of your buddy list

If you can't get a date because you live with your mom
Then you'll feel right at home at Loserdotcom
If you don't have a life but you've got plenty of ROM
Then you'll feel right at home at Loserdotcom

U tell me that your sex life
It has not been bland
Since U learned how to click and type with just 1 hand
UR a keyboard Casanova
UR a Digital Don Juan
UR a chat room Romeo and U want to get it on


I guess U can't see what is wrong
You've got your modem and your mouse
And U think you've got it going on
U once had a life but it is gone
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